Our Schools

We have been expanding our curriculum as well as course offerings of Japanese Budo arts since the founding of our club in 1998. This resulted from Shihan Pilato's years of persistent research of the Budo arts as well as his intensive studies in Japan with the respective Masters.

MITSUYA-KAI Karate-Dō & Kobu-Dō

Toyama-ryū Mukaida-ha Iai-Batto-Dō

Shindō Musō Ryū Jō-Dō

Tenshin Kōryū Kenpo Tai-jutsu

Asayama Ichiden Ryū Tai-jutsu

Fusen-ryū Jū-jutsu

Meifu Shinkage Ryū Onken-jutsu

Yagyu Shinkage Ryū Ken-jutsu