Beginner's Courses

The information below is specific to the beginner's course offerings in our club. Each beginner's course lasts three months followed typically by a rank examination. We teach in both Finnish and English languages. There is no deadline for joining the beginner's course during the autumn or spring semesters. The trainings are held all year round, so beginners are accepted also in summer.

We encourage you to try out the trainings for free once or twice before signing up for the beginner's course of your choice. A pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt is enough to get started (footwear not required). No previous knowledge of martial arts is required to join any of the courses other than plenty of enthusiasm to learn!

You may choose to take only one or up to three courses at a time depending on your own availability and interest. For those taking multiple beginner's courses, a discount of 10% is given on the second course and 20% on the third course. Refer to the training schedule for information on when and where the trainings are held.

Junior Karate-Dō (7-15 years, 50 EUR)

The junior Karate-Dō trainings are first and foremost safe for children and secondly, lots of FUN! Parents may also join the course (adult fees apply) with their children. Besides improving coordination skills, motor functions, and concentration, students also learn to respect one another while acquiring self-defense skills

Training gears: You may order the Karate uniform (gi), which includes a white jacket, a pair of pants and a belt, through us.

Karate-Dō, Kobu-Dō, Tai-jutsu (95 EUR)

As with juniors, adults also benefit from Karate-Dō trainings in many of the same ways. Additionally, you will learn to channel your energy in a constructive way to better deal with various stresses in life. In the context of our beginner's course, Kobu-Dō refers to weapon techniques, mainly using bo (long staff). The study of bo-jutsu will start once basic footwork is learnt.

Tai-jutsu studies are also incorporated into the beginner's course for students to get acquainted with basic self-defense techniques (breaking free from a grip, protecting oneself by various types of falls generally known as ukemi, and attacking in a controlled manner. Locks and throws will be introduced but taught more extensively post the beginner's course). Tai-jutsu techniques are practiced with a partner.

Training gears: You may order the Karate uniform (gi), which includes a white jacket and a pair of pants (belt to be purchased additionally as adult gi models do not include it) through us.

Iai-Batto-Dō, Jō-Dō (95 EUR)

Iai-Batto-Do studies include Suburi exercises, Batto-jutsu, Iai Kata and Ken-jutsu. Suburi exercices are performed solo using a long wooden sword (bokuto) to learn the basic techniques (cutting, thrusting, parrying) and at the same time, to stretch the body and warmp up at the start of the class through repetitions. The Batto-jutsu (art of sword drawing) techniques teach students how to quickly draw the sword to strike with one or more cuts. Iai Kata or forms involves learning the execution of predefined set of techniques and Ken-jutsu is the study of forms (kata) performed with a partner.

This beginner's course package is paired with Jō-Dō, the study of fighting with a wooden staff (approx. 128 cm), which is practiced with a partner (uchidachi, person who attacks with a sword). The teaching is broken down by firstly going through the individual techniques (kihon) practiced solo, followed by basic techniques practiced with a partner and upon reaching adequate fluency in the movements, you will be taught a series of forms, also practiced with a partner.

Training gears: Iai-Batto-Dō and Jō-Dō trainings require a bit of initial investment to get started but for beginners, we advise purchasing a thick belt (iai obi), a wooden sword (bokuto), a scabbard (saya) and a 128cm wooden staff (jo). If you already have a jacket and a pair of pants used for other Budō trainings, you may use them. Eventually you will need to acquire a wide pleated pair of pants (hakama), customarily used for Iai-Batto-Dō and Jō-Dō practices. You may check with us first before purchasing anything so that we can advise you on the right items to buy according to your training needs and budget. Furthermore, we may be able to help you purchase quality training gears and weapons from Japan.

Onken-jutsu (18 years and above, 95 EUR)

In the Onken-jutsu course, you will be taught the basics of fighting with hidden hand-held weapons. The curriculum will mainly focus on Shuriken-jutsu which is the study of throwing metal spikes (bo shuriken, most typical of Meifu Shinkage Ryū style). Another part of the course deals with the study of fundo kusari, a small weapon made of a chain with a ring (for the finger) on one end and a weight on the other end. You will learn the basic techniques at first followed by forms (kata).

Training gears: If you already have a belt, a jacket and a pair of pants used for other Budō trainings, you may use them. Otherwise, we will advise you on suitable gears to get according to your budget. Purchasing the weapons required for the trainings can only be done through us.