Our Schools

Meifu Shinkage Ryū Onken-jutsu

Meifu Shinkage Ryū Onken-jutsu encompasses various hidden weapons, most notably the bo shuriken and fundo-kusari (metal chain with a ring on one end and weight on the other) amongst other weapons associated with this school. Shurikens are small, hand-held weapons such as metal spikes (bo shuriken), circular, polygonal or star shaped plates of metal (shaken), and knives (tanto). Shuriken-jutsu is a traditional Japanese martial art of throwing shurikens. It supplements sword and empty hand techniques as the deployment of shuriken is generally followed by a finishing action. Its origins trace back to the time of Samurai when these methods were kept secret and reserved solely for the highest ranking experts. Only a few schools of this art remains today.

Soke OTSUKA Yasuyuki is the head of our school, Meifu Shinkage Ryū Onken-jutsu. We are officially authorized by Soke Otsuka to dissemminate his teachings, which is very rare outside Japan.

The school originates from the Katori Shinto Ryū and was founded by Soke SOMEYA Chikatoshi. He studied Katori Shinto Ryū for a long time and eventually improved its shuriken-jutsu techniques at which he was particularly adept.

Our emphasis is on the use of bo-shurlken (straight spikes), though advanced students have the possibility to practice throwing different types of blades (such as shaken, star-shaped) and try out other related styles (Negishi-ryū, Shirai-ryū, Katori Shinto Ryū)