MITSUYA-KAI International

In the MITSUYA-KAI International organization (三ツ矢会インターナショナル ) , we practice traditional Japanese Karate-Dō and Kobu-Dō as taught by Soke Mitsuya Seinosuke (三ツ矢誓之助). Our styles of Karate-Dō and Kobu-Dō are based on the original Hayashi-ha Shito-ryu Karate-Dō and Kenshin-ryu Kobu-Dō (林派糸東空手道, 憲心流古武道), founded by Soke TeruoHayashi (林輝男 1924 – 2004).

Soke Mitsuya studied under direct instruction of Soke Hayashi for over 45 years and achieved full mastership of his school. After Soke Hayashi passed away, Soke Mitsuya continued his work of teaching the original style by developing his own organization, the MITSUYA-KAI International.

In Finland, the Chief-Instructor for the MITSUYA-KAI International Karate-Dō and Kobu-Dō is Shihan Pilato Marco, who is the direct student of Soke Mitsuya and one of his closest and highest ranking students. He has been practicing under his guidance from a young age and currently holds the ranks of 5th Dan in Karate-Dō and 4th Dan in Kobu-Dō.
Although Shihan Pilato is not emphasizing the sport-related aspects of the Budo he practices, he has also achieved remarkable results in competition Karate-Dō and Kobu-Dō and won the 2003 World Championships of Kenshin-ryu Kobu-Dō in the presence of Soke Hayashi (a memorable event as it was his last public appearance before passing away in 2004).

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Headmaster: Soke Mitsuya Seinosuke

Seinosuke MITSUYA (三ツ矢誓之助) was born on 4th of October in Osaka, Japan. At the age of 14, he began the study of martial arts (Karate and Kobudo) under the guidance of Master Teruo HAYASHI (1924 - 2004).

He graduated from the “Kansai Gaikokugo Daigaku” University of Osaka. During his university education, he collaborated with Master Teruo HAYASHI (1924 - 2004) as his assistant in his central dojo, teaching karate and kobudo.

It is a great achievement in Japan to become a captain of the Martial Arts club of a University; Hanshi MITSUYA became not only the captain of his university club but he was also managing and coordinating several other university clubs in Osaka. The 70's were very difficult years in Japan but Hanshi MITSUYA already then showed his talent and dedication as a great leader and martial artist.

He received many special lessons from Soke HAYASHI (1924 - 2004) to perfect his skills and to be prepared to diffuse the original Hayashi-ha Karate-dō and Kobu-dō all around the world. He was top student of Soke HAYASHI and he became the first official representative of Japan Karate-do “Hayashi-ha Shito-ryu Kai” and Kobudo "Kenshinryu" organizations outside Japan. His unique task made him the principal exponent of these styles, presenting them all around the world. This role was instrumental for the great success and expansion of this school of traditional Japanese Martial Arts which was almost unknown in those days.

In the early 70’s Hanshi MITSUYA relocated to Seattle, USA, demostrating traditional Japanese Karate-Dō and Kobu-Dō in many events and teaching the dojos in the States of Oregon and Washington.

In 1973, he moved to Europe where he has made himself and the original Hayashi-ha style (Karate-Dō & Kobu-Dō) known in Sweden, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, England, Switzerland, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Belgium, in South America in Venezuela and in Africa in the Ivory Coast and Botswana.

Grand Master MITSUYA holds the rank of 8th Dan and title of Hanshi given by Soke HAYASHI Teruo (1924 - 2004). He holds one of the highest ranks of Japan Karate-Dō “Hayashi-ha Shito-ryu” & Kobu-Dō “Kenshinryu” styles.

Hanshi MITSUYA has demonstrated his very high quality, refined and effective techniques around the world through seminars, meetings and presentations for almost 40 years. Today Hanshi MITSUYA continues his work, with ever renewed spirit, through the MITSUYA-KAI International organization to dedicate himself to teaching and diffusing the original Hayashi-ha style all around the world.