Jinen-ryū Tai-jutsu

The systems of martial arts taught by Shihan Matsumiya Masashige is collectively called Jinen-ryū which include empty hand arts as well as weapon techniques. Shihan Matsumiya has studied martial arts for over 60 years and reached high levels of expertise in:

In addition, Shihan Matsumiya is also a Yamabushi (a mountain ascetic and practitioner of the Shugendo esoteric Buddhism doctrine). He also operates a bone-setting practice and he is an expert of Shiatsu and Thai massage.

In Finland the Chief-Instructor for Jinen-ryū Tai-jutsu is Shihan Pilato Marco. The practice of this system is incorporated in the practice of the advanced students of Tai-jutsu. Master Pilato is a direct student of Shihan Matsumiya, one of his closest and highest ranking pupil and currently holds the rank 3th Dan Shushi.