Bushinkai Kobu-jutsu

The systems of martial arts taught by Shihan Mukaida Takeshi is collectively called Bushinkai Kobu-jutsu.
Shihan Mukaida has studied martial arts for over 60 years and reached high levels of expertise in:

In Finland the Chief-Instructor for the Bushinkai Kobu-jutsu is Shihan Pilato Marco.
The practice of this system is incorporated in the trainings of the advanced students of Iai-Batto-Dō and Jō-Dō.
Shihan Pilato is a direct student of Shihan Mukaida, one of his closest and highest ranking pupil and currently holds the rank 6th Dan Renshi. Shihan Pilato regularly presents Bushinkai Kobu-jutsu with his teacher, Shihan Mukaida, in front of the highest representative of Japanese Budō styles during key events in Japan.